Fairy Tales

I woke up hating myself today. Nothing new. It's actually quite common. But every time, it's like my heart is being ripped open by evil little sprites for the very first time. Each one is filled with another disgusting emotion that bogs down my heart, a weight that is not seen on the scale but [...]


A Dreamer’s World

Adults say it's quite sweet when a little girl dreams of living in a castle or when a little boy says he wants to go to the moon. It's quite sweet when a dreamer shares their dream.   But we tell adults who do the same to get their heads out of the clouds. As [...]

Queen’s March

Shoulders back Chin up Eyebrow arched Heel, toe; Heels clack Perfect make-up Lips un-parched Eyes glow. Keep the confidence of a queen As the beam of light hits the golden silk, Never falter, never still; For a queen has no time for a pause; Revel in the royal scene, As the march continues through sunshine’s [...]

With the Great Mind Beside Me

With the obligation I felt, Being in the presence of the residence of a mind so great, I made myself shut up. I closed my mouth and ears and listened to the wonders of the empty world. And I felt, as I walked, the birds' song brush against my cheek, I felt the tiny pebbles [...]