New Years Bring New Dreams

New Years Bring New Dreams. New Dreams can come fresh out of the womb of mother creation inside the world of imagination. They are golden with opportunity, eager to grab on, and attentive to every sound. Hold onto them tight, hug them close, before they grow to a giant that can only be hugged by … Continue reading New Years Bring New Dreams


A Well-Told Story

The world is beautiful, though some may say there are some ugly things inside; but to a curious eye, an eye who seeks, everything is beautiful. So yes, the world is beautiful with scars and all, for the scars reveal life. There are scars in the shape of tear-stained cheeks. We cry because the world … Continue reading A Well-Told Story

Fairy Tales

I woke up hating myself today. Nothing new. It's actually quite common. But every time, it's like my heart is being ripped open by evil little sprites for the very first time. Each one is filled with another disgusting emotion that bogs down my heart, a weight that is not seen on the scale but … Continue reading Fairy Tales

A Dormouse

Little words allow for big dreams to flourish. Each space is a flower bed waiting for a seed, for a sprout, for a sprig, that will spring up through the dirt. Little words allow for hopeful wishes to flutter. Each letter is a shelf, waiting for a something, a somewhere, a slight chance, that there … Continue reading A Dormouse

A Dreamer’s World

Adults say it's quite sweet when a little girl dreams of living in a castle or when a little boy says he wants to go to the moon. It's quite sweet when a dreamer shares their dream.   But we tell adults who do the same to get their heads out of the clouds. As … Continue reading A Dreamer’s World

I have an idea for a story…

but the story is not quite ready for me yet. Or maybe I'm just not ready for it. For in this story, I'd have to face three demons. They're locked away in a prison cell within my brain that not even the sheriff wants to visit. The first demon is a politician. He is the … Continue reading I have an idea for a story…