A Dreamer’s World

Adults say it's quite sweet when a little girl dreams of living in a castle or when a little boy says he wants to go to the moon. It's quite sweet when a dreamer shares their dream.   But we tell adults who do the same to get their heads out of the clouds. As [...]

Queen’s March

Shoulders back Chin up Eyebrow arched Heel, toe; Heels clack Perfect make-up Lips un-parched Eyes glow. Keep the confidence of a queen As the beam of light hits the golden silk, Never falter, never still; For a queen has no time for a pause; Revel in the royal scene, As the march continues through sunshine’s [...]

With the Great Mind Beside Me

With the obligation I felt, Being in the presence of the residence of a mind so great, I made myself shut up. I closed my mouth and ears and listened to the wonders of the empty world. And I felt, as I walked, the birds' song brush against my cheek, I felt the tiny pebbles [...]

Pleasant Enough

I knew it wouldn't happen to me. I was so sure and convinced… Things were pleasant enough… I was at the top. I had those great grades, perfect parents, shining smile, prosperous personality... But it wasn't enough. I feel like it was just yesterday… I remember the whiskey whispering wild thoughts to my easily tempered mind. [...]


They were a beautiful pair of black, sleek stilettos, and they irritated me. They reminded me of her. I could smell the aroma of harsh whiskey. I could see that cigarette hanging loosely against her chipped, red fingernails. Her ring was what irritated me the most. Her middle finger and thumb were obsessed with the [...]