Six Questions to Spark Inspiration

Whether it's to start up a conversation or you just want to exercise your mind a bit, I find thought-provoking questions to be a great way to simulate inspiration. Here's a sample of some deep questions. Think about them, write about them, give them some of your time and find yourself thinking of a new [...]


A Pep Talk and A Thank You

I've been focused more on my reading than my writing lately. Part of me has convinced myself that I'm doing it to improve my writing. As a fantasy writer, I should read more fantasy, and so far, I've been enjoying it. I know once with the semester starting, I won't have any time for reading [...]

Encyclopedia of Magical Creations

You know how in adventure movies there's usually a notebook completely filled with paragraphs and diagrams? It looks aged and worn, but there's something intriguing about it? I've always wanted to create a journal like that. Well, I'm a writer, so of course I already have many notebooks filled to the very last page with [...]

Happy Monday… and Happy One Year!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you're all doing well, following your dreams, writing your hearts out, eating breakfast, all that good stuff. I've just come back from my vacation, and I'm very excited to write about my experience in Florida. I've got plenty of pictures and stories to tell, so be prepared to read about [...]

Listen Closely

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend, mine was quite relaxing for the most part. This week will be a bit busy for me because I have two midterms and other projects I need to get done, but it's all a part of the life of a student, I suppose. This week's inspiration [...]

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Listen Closely

Happy Monday friends! If you've been following my blog for a while now, you know music plays a big role in my writing life, so this week's inspiration post is about music. Particularly a soundtrack from a video game called Unravel: The music in this video game has a lighthearted, journeyman's touch to it. [...]

Journal Time

Happy Monday (Tuesday technically) everyone! And Happy Valentine's Day, or as I like to celebrate the day, Happy Birthday to Lara Croft! Sometime in the future, I will write a proper post on why Lara Croft is my idol, but until then, here is your inspiration post to start of the week. I've recently joined [...]