Encyclopedia of Magical Creations

You know how in adventure movies there’s usually a notebook completely filled with paragraphs and diagrams? It looks aged and worn, but there’s something intriguing about it?

I’ve always wanted to create a journal like that.

Well, I’m a writer, so of course I already have many notebooks filled to the very last page with notes on story ideas.

What I’ve always wanted, however, is a notebook filled with notes on an imaginary world. My ideal imaginary world and all of my findings in this notebook.

It would be worn, with stains, and filled with diagrams and sample pieces of flora or fauna.

I like to think of it as the Encyclopedia of Magical Creations.

Just a few weeks ago, I finally got the perfect journal for this project I’ve always wanted to work on, and I’m very excited to start.

I think this will be a great exercise for fantasy writers in particular, because it will force you to physically step in your world and understand this new environment you’re trying to create from scrat

If you wish to be accurate to science, you’ll have to research the conditions in which certain animals and plants live.

You’ll then have to think about how that will affect humans (or the dominant species of your world) and their habitats.

This will then feed into their culture, language, values, and ethics.

It’s also a fun exercise to see what your mind can come up with. How far can you stretch your mind for new animals and plants?

Since it is your journal, you can create it however you want. Do you want as many creatures in the book as possible, or do you prefer each creature to have long, detailed paragraphs of information? It’s all about what you want to focus on!

This project would be also ideal for sci-fi writers. It would be an easy way to organize any beings from multiple planets or universe, and all the information would be in one spot.

If you have the time this month, try this exercise out.

Even if you’re not a fantasy writer, this is a great way to exercise your mind and stretch your imagination.


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